Colon Hydro therapist Oksana Chuhraeva about hydrotherapy treatment in London 2018

Colon Hydro-therapist Oksana Chuhraeva

practicing in London from 2004
good experience
medical background
individual approach to each client
late or early appointments by request
weekends and flexible hours
hundreds of satisfied and happy clients
successful case histories with difficult issuers

Do you suffer from any of these symptoms

Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Spastic Colon
Excessive gas
Skin problems
Bad breath
Poor concentration
Parasite infestation
Excess weight

For Consultation and Booking Call Now: 0771 0539 331

Chatsworth Health Centre
1 Loveridge Mews
London NW6 2DP

Pretty Wo-Man Salon
197 Acton Lane
London W4 5DA

Oksana Chuhraeva
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