I Lost 10lbs in 1 Hour | My 1st Colonic Irrigation Hydrotherapy Session Experience | Before & After

Hey guys, this was my first colonic irrigation hydrotherapy experience and it went great. I included before and after pictures as well. Here are some of the benefits of colonics which can include increased energy, improved circulation, clearer skin & eyes, mental clarity, weight normalizing, better digestions, relief from bloating and heaviness. By removing the waste material from the colon, the process of detoxification is given a boost and the harmful bacteria that is produced by encrusted fecal matter is removed from the body.

Colon hydrotherapy helps your immune system to help itself, by giving it a chance to breathe and allow the lymph system to effectively cleanse your body. Colon hydrotherapy can assist the body with healing a variety of conditions: constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel, bloating, excessive gas, indigestion, allergies, candida overgrowth, skin problems, brittle nails and hair, abnormal body odor, unpleasant breath, backache, stiffness, arthritis, fatigue, insomnia, poor concentration and headaches.

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