What is in best prenatal and postnatal supplements?


Prenatal and postnatal nutrition. What is in best prenatal and postnatal supplements?

You may not be aware, but I’m pregnant! We had a 5-year fertility journey which one day I will be sharing with you. Today we are thankful to be where we are! So today I want to share this video with you where I discuss the nutrients I’ve been taking and will continue to take throughout my pregnancy. Read and watch more to find out what is in the best prenatal and postnatal supplements.

Preconception and pregnancy are periods in your life where you don’t want to be low in nutrients. You want to optimize health and nutrition, both for mother and baby.

Plus, nutrition needs rise during pregnancy and with breastfeeding. What if a woman has nausea during her pregnancy? This may compromise the mother’s ability to get what she needs. This is why supplementation is crucial.

Ideally, in my patients, I’d be able to run a comprehensive nutritional analysis on them *before* conception so that we could be assured we have optimized their nutritional status. This is important for the quality of both egg and sperm.

6 key nutrients to look for in a prenatal vitamin:

Omega 3s: specifically, DHA
Vitamin D

Personally, the product I take is “Prenatal Complete with DHA.” It provides the full complement of nutrients essential for pregnancy and adheres to the highest standards of purity, formulated to be free of common allergens, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, and additives.

In summary, do you know the 6 key nutrients to look for in your prenatal and postnatal supplements? Check out my video to learn more!

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