How can a Pediatric Physical Therapist help my child?

Children who have injuries, disabilities, and complex conditions are helped by our specially trained physical therapists to achieve their highest levels of independence and function possible.

If your child or a child you know from newborn to 21 years of age is demonstrating any of the following, a physical therapy evaluation may be appropriate:

* Has difficulty with balance
* Falls often or is clumsy
* Appears unsafe on a playground
* Has decreased strength
* Is often tired during the day
* Has difficulty opening doors or carrying books
* Sits incorrectly in a chair
* Has difficulty getting up from the floor
* Has poor posture
* Has difficulty with coordination
* Is older than 15 months and is not walking
* Is walking on his or her toes
* Bumps into things or trips often

These treatments and services are provided through pediatric physical therapy:

* Gross Motor Skills
* Gait Training
* Strength and Endurance
* Balance and Coordination
* Adaptive Equipment

If you have questions or are interested in receiving pediatric therapy services, contact your child’s physician for a referral or call the therapy department. Glacial Ridge Health System's Pediatric Therapy Services in Glenwood (near Alexandria, MN) can be reached at 320.634.2015.