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Anecdotal Evidences

Cardiovascular Diseases
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Faris AlHajri-PhD(AM)

Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings, Dr. Faris, May Lord bless you. I am Asia, residing in France. I started drinking hot water 2 ½ months, thank God, I was cured from some diseases, my fast heartbeat has reduced, I took medication for 4 years without any result, and now I stopped medication. Another problem, I had Cyst on my knee, after I drank for a month, it disappeared, even the doctors were overwhelmed, I was supposed to have surgery. In addition, other complications, I did not mention. Praise be to God.


Dear Dr. AlHajri,
 I want to thank you and your lovely wife for coming back to talk with me and giving me hot water to drink before your presentation. You are both so very kind and I really appreciate the care and concern you offered.
 The hot water helped! I have had atrial fibrillation incidents that have lasted for hours before and it can be so frightening. Last night’s episode only lasted about an hour and a half for which I was very thankful.

  I actually thought of your ‘hot water’ therapy yesterday morning when the rapid heartbeat began and the hot water I quickly drank really helped it return to normal.
 I am doing your therapy now and expect the best as I have already seen it’s effects.
Please thank your lovely wife for me,