Summit Pediatric Therapy Denver's Official Kindergarten Prep Group

The transition to kindergarten is meant to be one of the most important milestones a child will experience. Children with few group experiences may find adjusting to the kindergarten setting more challenging than children who have attended early childhood education programs. In response, numerous short-term kindergarten transition programs have sprouted up across the nation that operate in the summer months prior to children beginning kindergarten.

Based primarily on social-emotional development rather than academic preparation, these programs help children become familiar with a classroom setting and group norms, while engaging in a learning environment that is supportive of children’s comprehensive development. Kindergarten transition programs also prepare families to engage in their child’s education and support their child’s learning at home.

High quality summer kindergarten transition programs, especially for children without previous classroom experience, help familiarize young children with the routines of a classroom setting and group activities, include family involvement activities, and provide opportunities for families and teachers to share expectations. These programs review basic concepts such as participating in a group, asking for help, and other rules and routines associated with beginning school. By learning classroom routines and socializing/interacting with other children, children enter kindergarten more prepared for school success (INPEACE, 2008). Families will receive support in understanding the processes of enrollment and partnership with their child’s school.