How Gravity Colon Therapy Works / Set Up a Portlable Colonic Unit In Your Home Bathroom

In the world of Colon Hydrotherapy, the Gravity based system is the underdog and the therapists who practice and work with it are the black sheep!

Sadly, there is a lot of misinformation and trash talk about the Woods Gravity method, and because it doesn't have the sophisticated look of its modern competitor in the fancier pressure-based machines like the Dotolo, or Hydro Sans, it gets a bad rap.

People also don't like how most Gravity therapists use reusable stainless steel speculums, and that the tubing is not disposable but high quality rubber.

The stainless steel speculums are thoroughly cleaned with soap and water after each use, soaked in bleach or hydrogen peroxide, and then sterilized in a medical grade autoclave at very high heat. If however one is completely opposed to using these speculums, most therapists do have disposables available upon request. It's funny that I never even thought twice about it, but I can see why people would take issue with it.

Unfortunately for those who cannot look past these elements of the Woods Gravity Colonic system, they will never know the world of difference that exists between a gravity style colonic and the more commonly found pressurized style. Their loss!

While the gravity method is less commonly found unfortunately, it is far superior by miles in my opinion and experience. It is much more thorough, gentle, effective, and dynamic in every way and I highly recommend trying it out if you have not!

In this video, I explain how the gravity system works, and what happens during a treatment. This also shows one example of how one could set up a make-shift and portable unit in their own home bathroom if they were interested in doing so to be able to give themselves their own colonics as opposed to having to pay a professional therapist each time you want or need one.

I offer short consultations and assistance in setting up a Gravity Unit at home if anyone is interested, and you can contact me below in the comments, or email me through the contact page of my website which I will post the link for below. I can help you in designing a set up, and direct you to where you can purchase the colonic equipment.

Thanks for stopping by!