Cardiovascular Disease and Plaquex (ICIM Conference '19)

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ICIM member, Anita Baxas, MD will give a lecture on Plaquex therapy at the Integrative Medicine Conference in Philadelphia. This conference will take place from March 6th to March 10th in 2019.

Before coming to the United States, Dr. Baxas grew up in Switzerland where she studied and practiced medicine and alternative therapy. When her mother fell ill with angina pectoris and still experienced chest pains after having two balloon angioplasties done, Dr. Baxas worked with her father, a general practitioner, to develop the protocol for Plaquex therapy. Plaquex therapy helped Dr. Baxis’ mother, and has helped many people since.

Plaquex therapy has been used since the 1950’s in Europe, and the 1990’s in the US. “It’s the fastest treatment to reduce symptoms and remove blockages with minimal to no side effects. It’s an easy treatment to do in the office, and a good income generator.”

Dr. Baxas will be discussing the theoretical background, pitfalls, and exceptions of Plaquex therapy. She will be teaching other practitioners how to do the therapy correctly, how to practically implement Plaquex therapy in their practices, and which patients are good candidates.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the doctor who developed and implemented the Plaquex protocols now used worldwide!