How Nutrition Affects Fertility & Pregnancy with Jessica Diamond (Defining Moments #25)

Where are all ladies out who are trying to get pregnant?

Today I met with a fertility specialist here in LA and the first thing she asked me about is my nutrition. She said this topic is typically overlooked and us women don't realize just how much it affects our ability to get pregnant. When I told her I met with and interviewed a fertility nutritionist, she said oh good, every woman should do this if it's within her means.

In today's episode with Jessica Diamond I sit down a renowned dietician nutritionist who shares her thoughts about fertility and infertility as it relates to nutrition, postpartum, infant nutrition, childbirth etc- Lots of amazing nuggets of information!!!

Using nutrition to deal with infertility - 03:00
Advice for supplements - 03:40
Foods to avoid & Eat more of - 06:25
Advice if you want to get pregnant - 07:50
Exercising - 09:00
Tips for postpartum - 10:00
Vaginal birth or C-section - 11:30
3 things for your registry - 13:30
Feeding the baby - 15:00